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For undergraduate students interested in the challenge of a program that offers industry-integrated classroom learning, tailored leadership training for technologists, and industry internships, the Focus in Technology Leadership is a great way to accelerate your professional career.

We are now accepting applications for the next cohort of the Focus in Technology Leadership - ensure you submit your application by the due date.

Accelerate Your Success

The Focus in Technology Leadership combines the academic excellence of the Computer Science program at the University of Toronto with a leadership curriculum taught in restricted classes, simulated in the classroom, and experienced through summer internships. Students develop leadership skills through three learning verticals.

Industry-Integrated Learning

Explore solutions to real-world problems woven into our academic curriculum

Leadership Skills Development

Learn to implement your vision in team-based settings guided by leading industry professionals


Apply what you have learned while engaging in work placements with diverse companies

Prospective Students

Apply to the Focus in Technology Leadership to integrate real-world experience with your computer science degree, so you can hit the ground running when you graduate.

Industry Partners

Get an edge in accessing new talent by partnering with the Focus in Technology Leadership and help guide the next generation of information technology leaders.


“We are excited to support this program that augments Computer Science training with leadership skills. While leadership is typically associated with entrepreneurship and management, it's equally important in a research setting, whether academic or industrial.” 


—  Sven Dickinson
     Head, Samsung Toronto AI Center
     Professor and Past Chair, Department of Computer Science, University of Toronto

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