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 The Technology Leadership Initiative is accepting applications for its 2023 Cohort!


We invite current first-year students who are planning to apply to the Computer Science Major, Computer Science Specialist, or Data Science Specialist programs this year to apply for TLI. You must submit an application form and attend an interview, as described below. 


This year, there will be two opportunities to submit your application: in February, and June. No TLI offers will be made until all applications have been reviewed and all interviews conducted, whether you apply in the first or second round.


TLI requires 2 internships before graduation, typically done in the summers after second and third year. TLI students can either find these on their own (without the support of DCS or TLI leadership), or they can participate in the Arts & Science Internship Program (ASIP). Find out more about ASIP and how to apply on their website.


Students will be selected for TLI based on three attributes: 


an intrinsic and self-directed thirst for knowledge, understanding and insight through personal experimentation; these students independently find interesting problems and investigate potential solutions



the ability to see challenges as opportunities and work hard to solve a problem, recognizing that challenges can be overcome with practice, effort and focus; these students persevere in the face of adversity


the ability to thrive in an ever changing and ambiguous environment; these students take the initiative in solving problems and are willing to adapt when circumstances change to achieve a desired outcome


Feb 21, 2023

Mar 7, 2023

Late July, 2023

Application Process

To apply to the 2023 Technology Leadership Initiative, please fill out the form available through the link below by February 21st, 2023.

Any questions concerning this program, the application process, or industry partnerships should be sent to leadership@cs.toronto.eduIn answering these questions, we encourage you to use your experience from any aspect of your life. For example, you could write about family, school, clubs, jobs, volunteer positions, or any other community you have been part of. They do not have to be computer science related. We recommend you work on your essay responses in another document so that you can edit and save your drafts. When you are ready, copy them into this form to submit.

  1. Cover letter: Explain why you should be admitted to the Technology Leadership program. What makes you an exceptional candidate? (<250 words)

  2. Resume (maximum 2 pages)

  3. Transcript (unofficial transcript is OK)

  4. References: 1 reference letter with the contact information (name, email, and phone number) from a mentor such as a coach, teacher, or employer external to the University of Toronto. This person should be well acquainted with your personality and work ethic. (Note: you may submit your reference letter on the interview day.)

  5. Essays: provide a short (~100 words) discussion of each of the following topics, keeping each as concise as possible.

    • Essay 1: Describe the personal project of which you are most proud. Describe your personal contribution/involvement, and explain why it is significant to you.

    • Essay 2: You have been given five million dollars and five years to solve a real-world problem. What problem would you like to solve, why, and how?

    • Essay 3: You have been shortlisted as a candidate to travel to Mars. How would you pitch your value to the mission and what role would you play?

    • Essay 4: The COVID-19 pandemic has been an unquestionably challenging time. Tell us about how you have responded to the situations put forward by the pandemic.

Next Steps

Once applications have been submitted and references have been verified, an email with a confirmation of admittance to the second round interview session will be sent to students. The key dates to remember are:


  • Feb 21, 2023: deadline to submit application (in-stream round)

  • Mar 3, 2023: applicants notified of interview time (in-stream round)

  • Mar 7, 2023: interviews (in-stream round)

  • Mar 8th, 2023: references contacted (in-stream round)

  • Mid-July, 2023: all students receive final response of admittance (all rounds)

  • Late July 2023: deadline to accept offer (all rounds)

Any questions concerning this program, the application process, or industry partnerships should be sent to

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