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Paired with the world-class education offered by the Department of Computer Science at the University of Toronto and leadership training opportunities, the Focus in Technology Leadership prepares students to accelerate their careers through industry-integrated learning.

What is the Focus in Technology Leadership?

The Focus in Technology Leadership is a unique learning opportunity within the Department of Computer Science at the University of Toronto designed to prepare students with industry-ready skills, strong leadership capability, and an understanding of the technology landscape. Students in the Technology Leadership cohort take part in industry-integrated courses, leadership development exercises, and participate in industry experiences. Academic content is enhanced with industry-inspired problems, company site tours, guest speakers, and networking events.

Industry-Integrated Learning

The Focus in Technology Leadership follows the same curriculum as the traditional CS program, with the exception of special sections for dedicated courses each year.


CSC207 will be modified to be industry-integrated and project-based. Students in this course will work on real problems faced by our partner companies and learn to use tools used in industry. This course, taught by Paul Gries & Michael McCarthy, will adhere to curriculum standards and students will write the same final exam as the regular sections. The workload in the dedicated section will be similar to the workload of the regular sections.

Leadership Skills Development

A new course is being created to provide leadership training for students pursing careers in the technology sector, industrial research in technology, and who may work within traditional industries that rely on mission critical technology.  This 3rd year course is taught by Michael McCarthy using business cases, practical exercises, guest instructors and industry based assignments.  This course is restricted to those who are enrolled in the Focus and includes topics including:

Students will also have the opportunity to participate in industry immersive events, guest speaker panels, and networking events throughout the term.

Industry Experience

Students in the Technology Leadership Initiative are also encouraged to pursue internships to support this experience.  The Department of Computer Science does not offer any direct support to students pursing internships through this Focus.

Our Team

Paul Gries

Professor, Teaching Stream
Department of Computer Science

Karen Reid

Professor, Teaching Stream
Department of Computer Science

Michael McCarthy

Executive in Residence & Adjunct Professor

Department of Computer Science

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