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  • Do I need to take CSC207 with the 2024 Technology Leadership cohort?
    Yes. All students in the 2024 Initiative cohort must take CSC207 together in the Fall 2024 semester. It's important that all students in the cohort go through the same classes and projects together in order to build a strong culture and ensure students in the Initiative get to know each other well. This also means that students who have already completed CSC207 before the start of the term will not be eligible.
  • What times should I reserve in my schedule for FTL?
    The CSC 207 tutorial section takes place on Thursday mornings from 9am to noon in the fall term. Workshops for all participants will take place on Thursday evenings from 6pm to 9pm. While every Thursday evening is not used, students should keep these times clear in order to participate.
  • Do I have to take part in a work placements?
    Work placements are highly recommended but not required.
  • I would not want to be caught not enrolled in a mandatory second year CompSci course. Should I apply to the special sections CS classes or wait until I hear back about my application?
    The schedule for the special section of CSC207H1F should come out soon on ACORN and on the online timetable. In the meantime, our advice to every student who applied to the FTL is to also enroll in a regular section of CSC207- this guarantees your access to this important course no matter what happens with the schedule, or with your application to the FTL.
  • If I am admitted to the Computer Science Major or Specialist Program in the Fall of 2024 (my classes will begin in the Winter 2024 semester), am I still eligible?"
    Only students admitted to the Computer Science Major or Specialist Program in the summer are eligible for the Focus in Technology Leadership. This means that you must be starting your first semester in the CS program in September 2024.
  • I am not entering my second year of the Computer Science Major or Specialist program. Am I eligible?
    At this time, we are only accepting applications from students who are entering their second year of undergraduate studies in the Computer Science Major or Specialist Program.
  • I am taking a minor in Computer Science. Am I still eligible for the Initiative?
    No: at this time, we are only accepting applications from students who are entering their second year of undergraduate studies in the Computer Science Major or Specialist Program.
  • Is this focus open to students at all campuses?
    This focus is restricted to students who are enrolled at the St. George Campus only.
  • I have not been admitted to Computer Science yet - can I still apply?
    Yes. Your offer will be conditional upon acceptance into the program.
  • My referee has a policy of only submitting reference letters directly to the recipient. Can reference letters be submitted directly to the Initiative?
    Yes! If this is the case, please have your referee email us their letter directly at In the email subject line, please ask them to include your name and application year, for example: "Reference for John Doe's application to TLI"
  • How do I get an unofficial transcript?
    You can view and print your complete academic history by logging into ACORN and visiting the Academic History page.
  • What should I include in my cover letter?
    A cover letter should be properly addressed to the TLI Application Committee and include a valediction and your name at the bottom. It should introduce you as a candidate and broady explain why you should be considered for the program.
  • How strict is the word count?
    Please adhere to the word count limits for each portion of the application.
  • What can I expect from the interviews?
    Students who get through the first round in the application process will be invited to a round of Multiple Mini Interviews (MMI). The MMI consist of a series of short interview stations, each designed to evaluate a specific quality or characteristic. None of the stations are technical interviews. Think of it like an interview obstacle course. In one station, you may be asked to talk about a personal challenge. In another station, you may be asked to debate an ethical question. The interviews vary widely, and are each specifically designed to evaluate your curiosity, resilience, and agility in dealing with tough problems. More details will be given in the invitation letter.
  • Will I have to go through a technical interview?
    No! As you have been admitted to the Computer Science Major or Specialist program, we understand that you are a very technically talented student. Instead, our interview is aimed at evaluating the three pillars of the Initiative: curiosity, resilience, and agility. We are looking for those students who go above and beyond when faced with challenges and unpredictable events. Tell us about personal challenges, things that you are passionate about, accomplishments you are proud of. We want to get to know you as a person.
  • I cannot make the interview on the date specified.
    Those applicants who are being considered will be required to participate in a virtual interview in the specified window, We cannot accommodate any exceptions to the interview process. To be eligible for the program, you must be able to participate in the interview at the date and time specified.
  • Do I have to be accepted into ASIP in order to participate in FTL?
    FTL recommends 2 internships before graduation, typically done in the summers after second and third year. FTL students may pursue these independently without departmental support or participate in the Arts & Science Internship Program (ASIP). Find out more about ASIP and how to apply on their website.
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