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If your organization is searching for talented Computer Science professionals with strong technical skills and business acumen, partnering with the Focus in Technology Leadership is the place to start.

Give your organization an edge

Research horizons expand fastest when corporations and universities work in concert. The University of Toronto's globally-recognized Computer Science program has extended its mission to develop talent by launching the Focus in Technology Leadership. By partnering with industry leaders like you, we prepare students for leadership roles, not just technically, but also with the right business orientation.

Access to Talent

Get early access to highly skilled computer science professionals

Talent Development

Hire skilled students prepared for the work place 

Knowledge Sharing

Inspire students at industry partner events

How to partner

Our partners participate by hiring students on internships, organizing immersive experiences, participating in panel discussions, hosting workshops, mentoring tomorrow's technology leaders, and collaborating with faculty to introduce and reinforce industry trends and practices.

Interested in partnering with the Focus in Technology Leadership?
Email to get an edge.

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